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butterflies, like callouses

messages from a bad poet with dreams

7 September
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ok, with all the fucking biographies I have written/need to write for psych, all you're getting is an AIM quotes compendium. sort of like Vince's profile, except I don't quote Star Wars or Gandalf. 9.9

oh...and I make fun of boys...a lot.

May 5th - Run bishounen, run!

penguinhearted: we need to have another one of those odd conversations...where I talk about the political ambitions of my mammory glands and you point and laugh
sublimityeternal: i was laughing with you, i assure you i was.
penguinhearted: you laugh now, but you're children will be shouting "Hail Titties"

An Effeminate, Skinny, Quiet Guy's Guide to Being Cool, by Heero Yuy (with Keshia the Great)
1) wear spandex as often as humanly possible
2) try to commit suicide every 22 minutes
3) learn how to hack computer systems. girls are impressed by this.
4) Practice profoundly unnerving death glare every time someone attempts to speak to you. Warning: spoiled pacifist girls are completely impervious to this technique.
5) Death threats are the cornerstone of flirtation.
6) When cracking "jokes", know your audience. "Death hurts like hell" won't work on non-carnies.
7) If you get asked out, but have a previous engagement, dramatically rip up the invitation in front of the whole school.
8) Nicknames are hot. Especially those based on deceased political figures.
9) Remember these three words as a mantra: Omao wo korosu.
10) Remember if you do score, remember to say something sweet and romantic afterwards, such as "Mission Complete."

penguinhearted: have you ever seen pet shop of horrors?
penguinhearted: Count Danger is hot!
penguinhearted: even if he is completely 100% homosexual
sublimityeternal: you know he's gay
sublimityeternal: yeah..
penguinhearted: so what? I look good in drag.

sublimityeternal: i think i might have to visit a random bishounen site
penguinhearted: I can't. I actually need to sleep tonight, not stay up late humping my computer

penguinhearted: then again, I do have a thing for little Saionji...
sublimityeternal: yeah.
penguinhearted: it's still kiddie porn
sublimityeternal: hah
penguinhearted: but man, when you see little saionji in the flashbacks...man he's so cute
sublimityeternal: yeah
penguinhearted: you just want to take him home and feed him milk and cookies...
penguinhearted: ...laced with roofies
sublimityeternal: ohmigod...
sublimityeternal: bad liz
penguinhearted: but he's cute!

penguinhearted: Aki was hot too
sublimityeternal: yeah...
sublimityeternal: but i'm sure he was gay..
sublimityeternal: it just jumped out at me.
sublimityeternal: not that i have a problem with that..
penguinhearted: as if that's gonna stop me...*snort*
sublimityeternal: who could he pair up with..
sublimityeternal: lol
penguinhearted: tooya. it would make no sense, and be incredably hot
sublimityeternal: yesssss
penguinhearted: heh heh
sublimityeternal: sorry ...
sublimityeternal: you awakened scary keshia
penguinhearted: honey, I've already declared that I'll seduce bishounen in drag if necessary. there is nothing left to fear.