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I can kick Yu-Gi-Oh's ass any day of the week - butterflies, like callouses

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"I ain't payin for no diary" edition
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Date Created:07.03.01
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Spark658 is a stange example of misanthropic, mishandled merfolk. She exists in this lifetime for the purpose of making witty remarks, enjoying childish pastimes, and avoiding her forthcoming music career. Conniving, and wholly able to have or do anything she could ever want, she might be happy if she knew just what it was she wanted. Has a definate tendency to go into hiding do to imagined failure at social posturing; closer friends feel this more acutely as the pressure is proportional to the depth of the relationship. Internally/Etherally she is rather short, with light blue skin and long, wavy white-ish hair. On earth, she is rather short, with pale skin that sports bluepurple veins when faced with cool weather, and long hair, abused by multiple bleachings. Mysterious fascinations with blood, the ocean, pianos, the maya, and the creative process bind her to this world. As does her Aol Instant Messanger.
Strengths: Emotions, picking apart peoples' innermost thoughts and feelings, wit, energy work, worldliness, critiquing movies, music composition, zaniness and unpredictability, level-headedness when faced with mortal danger
Weaknesses: Sensitivity, laziness, smegmaphobia, perfectionism, giving god-like power to authority figures who care not about her, dealing with relatives, prone to self-loathing and unhealthy relationships with food, inobservant
Special Skills: empathy, verbal annhilation of enemies, slight magic use, especially long tongue, Mind Gift (power of manipulation)
Weapons: vampiric bloodlust, freshly sharpened wit, persuasiveness, overprotective alternate personality, souped-up push-up bra

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